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Founded in 1996, MultiMediaArt at the UAS Salzburg was one of the first new media technology and design degree programs in Austria. Since then over 1.600 students graduated and started outstanding careers in the creative industries. The study program offers different majors (undergraduate and graduate) in media design, film, 3D animation, sound design and management & producing (only MA).

The school was ranked among the best programs in its field in the german-speaking countries (D-A-CH) by the Centre for Higher Education (CHE). In 2020 it was ranked under best 20 design schools worldwide by The One Club for Creativity

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The MultiMediaArt degree program offers five majors (media design, 3d animation, audio, film and management) with individual in-depth training to develop technical proficiency and academic excellence. The program is focused on professional skills, like techniques, methods and vocabulary needed to succeed as designers, directors, artists, researchers or entrepreneurs.

MultiMediaArt students are also immersed in humanities to foster their ability to solve future problems in a world of growing ambiguity and complexity. Professional expertise, historical context and critical thinking are the key elements to thrive in this creatively and intellectually challenging environment.

Internationally well renowned and inspiring guests complement the regular curriculum sharing their insights in various fields with lectures and workshops: Robert Pfaller, Erik Kessels, Klaus Werner-Lobo, David S. Kennedy, Ulrike Meyer, Rory Sutherland, Jonathan Meese, Christian Felber, and many more.

media design

This major focuses on visual design, from research to prototypes to creation – following a practice-based approach. The goal is a precise and astute communication of relevant content. Understanding social, technological and cultural context is the base for responsible design decisions. Alumni are trained to have sustainable impact as graphic designers, illustrators, UX designers or creative directors. With experience in complex group work and analytical skills they master all levels of teamwork and leadership positions.

notable alumni
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notable lecturers
Eike König 1, Amir Kassaei 1 (CCO DDB), Darius Gondor 1, Stefan Sagmeister 1, Sebastian Bagge and Julio Rölle 1 (44flavours)

computer animation

The alumni of this major work in the field of CGI: character creation, special effects, motion graphics and games. Profound knowledge of visualization, anatomy and physics is what professional animators build upon. Traditional animation, concept art and acting makes them full stack animation experts. Alumni work with state-of-the-art technology on a wide range of projects overarching full CG animation, SFX and 3d art for games or VR/AR/MR/XR. Typically working in cross-disciplinary teams in different roles makes them perfect for leading positions.

notable alumni
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notable lecturers


From script writing to lights, camera and production – film alumni are storytellers through and through. Every stage of professional film production is part of the curriculum: Mise-en-scène, directing, acting, camera, lighting, make-up, costume, sound, editing and post-production. Throughout their studies alumni are trained to ideate and encouraged to make meaningful and influential movies. Projects with industry partners allow production workflows with cutting edge technology. Used to work in interdisciplinary teams, alumni deliver innovative formats, documentaries, ads, short movies or feature-films. They are adept in all levels of teamwork and leadership.

notable alumni
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notable lecturers
Michael Ballhaus 1, Ralf Schmerberg 1, Tom Fährmann 1, Corinna Antelmann


The audio major overarches broad knowledge in composition, harmony, rhythm and tune. In addition, audio alumni have an extensive skillset from live and studio recording to instrumentation, sound design, audio-visual environments and production with cutting edge technology. Especially working with cinematographers, game developers or artists emphasizes the importance of conceptual thinking when working in cross-disciplinary teams. The expertise is trained in their specific workflow and context and results in outstanding technical and creative abilities. Alumni are to be found among Popstars and Hollywood Musicians.

notable alumni
Dorian Concept, Ogris Debris, Walter Mair, David Philipp, Aramboa, Ritornell, Pangani, Dekonstrukt, Mario Winterroither, see full list

notable lecturers
Gianni Stilleto (Ret.), Matthew Mosher 2 (UCF)

management & producing

Majoring in management means to focus on leadership and production for creative industries. Working as managers for complex interdisciplinary projects, alumni are experienced with various constraints and difficulties. This shapes their skills for film, game, music or design production. Besides industry-standard training in project management, law and finance, students are challenged with the question about desirable futures in a changing working-world. Alumni launch careers in fields where business innovation, design thinking, leadership and collaborative teamwork are key.

notable lecturers
Thomas Grundnigg (Stanford UIF,
board of designaustria)

theory & research (part of every major)

To solve the complex problems and challenging endeavors of societal and cultural futures, MultiMediaArt alumni share profound education in intellectual fundamentals. Having solid understanding of the historical, cultural and ethical context of their major subject makes them confident and profiled to produce relevant works and become leaders in art and design. The program offers an in-depth analysis of art and media theory as well as cultural theory and sociology.

Due to the research and theory driven approach, alumni with a master's degree are eligible and welcome for PhD programs in Europe.

notable lecturers
Michael Manfé (Turia + Kant)

1 visiting professor
2 Fulbright visiting professor


This is a short overview over notable alumni and their profession.

sorted in alphabetical order

graphic design / communication design

  • Dr. Gerhard Andraschko-Sorgo, Designer, author and lecturer. Founder of the European Design Leader Agency Linie 3
  • Dr. Alexander Berzler, Cross Media Designer, CEO & CD of visionworks GmbH, working for Porsche Austria, Voest Alpine, Zumtobel Lighting and many more
  • Max Brandl, experience in print, digital design, working in intermediary context of entrepreneurship and consulting, design management with a human-centered approach
  • Christina Michelitsch, senior designer and art director. Studios: pentagram, RoAndCo, partners and spade
  • Alexander Peschke, Designer, Owner of Peschkedesign, working for Lufthansa Group, Carl Zeiss AG, Swarovski Optik, Magna Steyr and many more
  • Thorsten Konrad, Creative Director, Looking Forward GmbH
  • Sebastian Schöndorfer, Branding & UX/UI, projects for ATV, Telefonica, Ikea, T-Mobile, McDonald's, ÖBB and others, worked at PKP Proximity and DDB Tribal, S/E since 2013
  • Alexander Sellas, Branding & UI/UX for clients in the areas of culture and commerce. Previous agencies: Red Design, Inventory Studio & Bleed
  • Daniel Triendl, multi-disciplinary designer and artist who lives and works in Vienna and Graz


  • Sandra Brandstätter, illustration, concept art, comics
  • Birgit Palma, freelance illustrator & lettering artist, worked at Vasava Artworks & Vault49
  • Sonja Stangl, illustrator and visual artist, based in Vienna, works in the fields of advertising, animation and children's education

motion graphics

  • Thomas Madreiter, art director, motion designer, illustrator
  • Clemens Wirth, filmmaker, motion designer, title designer, specialized in macro and miniatures

3D animation, visual effects

  • Benjamin Arzt, Character Animator, Postvis-Artist, Rigger, worked for Scanline VFX Munich & Stuttgart, The Third Floor London
  • Iris Frisch, department manager at Framestore, property investor at TheYellowNest
  • Bernhard Kerschbaumer, Head of Lighting, CG-Supervisor, works at DNEG (Vancouver)
  • Anno Schachner, technical director at Animal Logic (Sydney)
  • Manuel Thomasser, Layout Artist at Illumination Mac Guff, Pixomondo, DIGIC Pictures, former After Effects Compositor at Studio Soi

game design

film and movies


  • Peter Pflaum, photographer & senior-vfx-artist, provided service to EA games, Swiss, Liga01, Trixter, UN, RedBull and others
  • Nadine Schachinger, photographer, illustrator

audio and music

installation and exhibition

teaching & research


This section features some of the impressive work of our students and alumni. Due to the enormous amount of outcome, only a fraction can be presented here.


by Thorsten Konrad
HR/PM: Vicki NG / CD: Jose Cabaco


by Patrick Berger / FutureLab / NTT


by Patrick Berger / FutureLab / Intel


by Julia Fischer (Kairoz)



Salzburg is a vibrant innovation and leading technology hotspot. The region has become an internationally known center for global players as well as a growing eco-system for a unique startup culture with global impact. Both, the high quality of life and the support of sustainable business drive revolutionary and award-winning projects. Students and alumni of the MultiMediaArt degree program are supported by the University's own Startup Center – a local initiative to foster young founders and growing startups.